Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Up for the Crown: Queen Latifah

She's not only fierce in the music and film industry... but the fashion industry too! Queen Latifah is launching a fashion line, The Queen Collection, which features women's handbags, accessories, and clothing that range from sizes 2 to 24. Her goal is to create pieces for women of all sizes. For this project she has linked up with the Home Shopping Network (HSN). The prices go from $29.99 for a scarf to $249 for a suede hobo bag. The official launch on HSN is said to be August 27th, 2011. Woo-hoo! It'll be here faster than you think. Keep an eye out, it looks promising. I therefore give The Queen Collection 3 out of 5 crowns.

♥ Cheryl

"I felt like larger girls were not respected, even though we are huge consumers. I felt the marketplace didn’t respect us in the way it should. I was not going to step out with a clothing line that didn’t respect a fuller-figured woman or a curvaceous woman, and really all women."-Queen Latifah

Pleated and Draped Dress with Cowl Back. $109.90. Available in Black, Gold, Python, Crimson and Midnight.

 Suede Studded Satchel. $249.90. Available in Midnight, Olive, Black, Light Slate Grey, Crimson, and Purple.

I love this purse!

“I think the bag line is going to be really good. It’s versatile so it’s not going to look like the same bag from one collection to the next. There’s something for everyone. I definitely want to be able to rock my bag. I figured, if I can rock it, why shouldn’t other people be able to?”-Queen Latifah

Friday, May 20, 2011

To Our Wonderful Followers:

Hello Everyone!
Sorry we have been M.I.A. for a couple weeks now. We have been swamped with projects, papers, and finals. The good news is that we survived and just finished the semester. Hooray! We will be posting pretty soon. Get excited! Thank you for being patient.

♥ Cheryl, Emma, and Heather

P.S. Comment below if you've heard about any new celebrity lines recently or if you have any requests. We love you all!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Up for the Crown: Rachel Bilson

So one of my favorite OC girls has a fashion line.  Rachel Bilson designed a line of clothing for DKNY jeans.  The line is called Edie Rose, named for her grandma, and is sold at Macy’s.  Rachel is one of the most stylish celebrities in Hollywood so it is only fit that she takes a stab at designing.  The fashion line is mostly black and white pieces with a pop of yellow in there.  The price points for the line range from $19.50 to $49.50, which is very affordable.  Considering she has such great style herself, I expected more from this line.  Although the clothes sold out extremely fast, the line shows no signs of similarity with Rachel’s personal style.  I think she should stick to being a trend-setter rather than a designer.  I give her 3 crowns for trying, but I don’t see this line lasting long.

<3  Heather

Some of the pieces from the collection.

 An ad from the DKNY website.

She uses mostly black and white with a pop of yellow.

Rachel models her own designs.

 Another print ad.

 Rachel sports her own designs.

 InStyle featured an article about her line.

 Posing at the launch of her line.

 Her yellow scarf was inspiration for her designs.

At the Macy's launch of her clothing line.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Up for the Crown: Lily Allen

I have a strong love for British singers and Lily Allen is one of my favorites. She had a small line called Lily Loves, a couple of years ago. Now she opened up a vintage boutique in London's Covent Garden district with business partner/sister Sarah Owen. The line is called, Lucy in Disguise (LID). Dontcha just love that name! The duo are working with a design team to produce a 18-piece ready-to-wear collection, that will mainly feature vintage-inspired dresses. The vintage frocks, will hit stores and their online store in June and will retail from $175 to $630. The collection can be found at shopbop.com in the United States, online at lucyindisguiselondon.com, and other international shops, including Harvey Nichols in the U.K. and of course the sisters' own Lucy in Disguise boutique. Allen stated at a press conference, "(Lucy's) a time-traveling fashionista, who's inviting you to explore her wardrobe. It's a great opportunity to play with the character." I love their quirky style and think that this vintage line is a wonderful idea. Not many people, let alone celebrities, create a line that is this unique and fitting to the designer's own personal style. Overall I think it is consistent with Lily Allen's image and both the sisters' style. Therefore, I give Lucy in Disguise 4 out of 5 crowns.

♥ Cheryl

Check out their website http://lucyindisguiselondon.com It's super awesome!

Here are some videos of the sisters talking about their line:

 Sisters/business partners Lily Allen and Sarah Owen.

 Showing off a vintage dress.

Lucy in Disguise vintage boutique.

 You may only know her as a singer/songwriter.

The launch of her Lily Loves line about 3 years ago.

LID's Easter Promo Photo.

Article about them was published in a French magazine.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Up for the Crown: Rob Dyrdek and Travis Barker

Two of our favorite BFFs, skateboarder/MTV star Rob Dyrdek and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, teamed up way back when in 2005 as co-owners of the street/skate brand Rogue Status and then in 2009 they added a second clothing line to their success called DTA (Don't Trust Anyone).  Between these two lines, the duo have covered it all, hoodies, jackets, tees, tanks, socks, wallets, guys, girls, you name it!  Oh and who could forget, of course they have my FAVORITE (please note the sarcasm), the ever so popular flat billed hat!  Now I can't hate too much, they have done a pretty damn good job with both lines and some of the profits from Rogue Status go to American soldiers overseas so that they can send letters home to family and friends, which is totally cool if you ask me.  I think for a street brand it's pretty awesome that they tried their hand at adding in some girl's clothes.  I would totally wear their Rouge slouchy tee, and I am not one to wear branded clothes!  I wish all the best to Dyrdek and Barker, they keep their involvement with Rouge Status on the DL for the celebs that they are. They are doing some good with their clothing line, so congrats on that, it has lasted this long and I'm sure we will see their success continue. With that, I give them 4 out of 5 stars.  Here are some of the latest from the Spring 2011 lines:

emma rose
 Totally cute girl's tank!

 Now, i would totally wear this top. Cute, right?

 A classic string bikini.

 Pretty cute button up for those guys out there.

 Girls dress, I kinda like it!!

 Ok, they even have bandanas! haha way to go Dyrdek and Barker.

Ok, not my favorite, but if the boys are gonna wear it, this one's not that bad.

 How can you not like this one?!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Up for the Crown: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

       Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen started out as child actors but they are few of the celebrities to make it big in the fashion world.  They started their design career in early childhood when they created a tween fashion line for Wal-Mart. The famous child actresses have expanded the line down into a lucrative partnership with JCPenney, which carries the "Olsenboye" line.
       Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s fashion company, Dualstar, has been acclaimed for the Fall 2011 sportswear collection of high-end separates and textured pieces. The luxury fashion line, "The Row," has reached over a billion dollars in total sales and the twins have no intention of slowing down.  Although "The Row" started off slow, it is not stigmatized like many other celebrity-clothing lines. The twins have been surrounded by fashion from their early television years, and were constantly in fittings, around tailors, and inspired by extremely fashionable women. They packed their bags moving from L.A. to NYC at age 18, as they have taken a hiatus from acting to focus on their fashion careers. Although they are 24, the Olsen Twins have immense fashion aesthetic and business savvy exemplified by their line’s success.
         “The Row” just launched its own website.  (http://shop.therow.com/shop/)  The focus of this collection is mostly black and white pieces with an edge to them.  They also have a men’s collection, which is very casual and also used the new trend of color blocking. 
         I give these tiny stars 5 crowns for their collection.  Not only are their clothes great for street-wear but also they really have a great website and ads that draw your attention.

<3 Heather

 Hard at work on their own collection!

 Modeling their own line.

 Very basic pieces in their collection.

 Fall 2011 runway show.

 From the 2011 Collection.

 Directly from the Website.

 An article in Vogue.

 The Fall 2011 Collection.